Bermuda is a beautiful island with turquoise waters, pristine beaches, even pink sand beaches, caves, history, immaculate pastel houses, and super polite and friendly people.

This is a great destinations to take a baby or young children. It is very easy to get about and it’s a small island so not much planning is needed for coming here. Just relax and enjoy!

We had a lovely nice and easy holiday to Bermuda just before Mason turned 2 years old. Bermuda is a place that Mason has never forgot and he is always asking if we can return there so he can drive the boat again! They say children won’t remember trips taken so young but Mason seems to remember everything we do!


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We travelled to Bermuda (in Oct/Nov 2013) direct from London Gatwick with British Airways. I’m not usually a package holiday person however this holiday deal with British Airways Holidays was pretty good. This was our last chance to squeeze in a last minute holiday before Mason turned 2 years old. After his birthday  we would have to pay for his seat on the plane so we travelled back just before his 2nd birthday.

The flight took just over 7 hours. Mason handled the flight really well.We placed lots of things for Mason in his Gruffalo Trunkie (kids cabin case) for the flight including his iPad mini loaded up with lots of kids apps and tv shows. What surprised me was that all of the passengers on the plane were well over 60!! We were the youngest passengers! I joked saying I think we are on a Saga trip (over 50’s travel agent) and we actually were! Almost all of the passengers were on a Saga trip and going to the same hotel we were heading to. This was my first experience on the plane with a baby with lots of older people and let me tell you it was the best ever!! They were the nicest most friendly people to journey with. They all wanted to talk to Mason and they all had time for him and it made our journey to Bermuda so lovely.


In just a 4 minute ride minute from the airport you arrive at the Grotto Bay Beach resort. We stayed in Sandy’s Lodge at the Grotto Bay hotel. Sandy’s Lodge is a great location to get to the pool and to the reception and the restaurants. This hotel is just great. Its very child friendly, and the staff were great with my son, we were very happy here. The most amazing thing about Grotto Bay were the beautiful caves, unspoilt, natural, just beautiful.  The resort has a lovely heated pool, nice little park, lovely beach, hot bubbly Jacuzzi, great fish feeding decked area, a few chickens and cats running around that my toddler adored. It’s a lovely and beautiful, a nice chilled out hotel.

PLAY 🎉 Things to do in Bermuda with a toddler

You cannot hire a car in Bermuda however Bermuda has a super amazing bus service that will get to everywhere. We only had a week to spend in Bermuda and these are the things we did.

  • Horseshoe Bay
  • Bermuda Aquarium & Zoo
  • Boat Hire & Explore the islands
  • Tobacco Bay
  • Fort Hamilton
  • Front Street – shopping

We had a great time doing all the things above but our favourite thing had to be the boat hire from Grotto Bay. This was great, you have a quick 5 minute lesson on how to drive the boat and off you go exploring the islands of Bermuda. We stopped on a pristine island called Nonsuch and we explored the little cave.

We didn’t want to do any shopping but when we arrived in Bermuda but it was a bit on the cold side (and we hadn’t packed very well) so we went shopping in Front street for some jumpers and cardigans. It’s pretty expensive here. The very next day and for the rest of our holiday it was warm and sunny!!


  • This is not a budget destination. Make sure you have enough money as nothing is cheap
  • You cannot hire a car
  • The Swizzle Inn is a great place to eat
  • Try and visit all the different beaches, they are just bermudiful!
  • Nights can be a bit chilly so bring a jacket or a warm cardigan


  • They are the most friendliest and super helpful people we have ever met
  • Everyone says hello to you, you must say hello back
  • There are lots of old people. Not sure why but they are all so lovely especially to young children.
  • Its super clean. Not once did I see anything trashy, or see any trash on the floor and everything is kept looking super beautiful.
  • If you like cocktails try a Bermudian cocktail, the Rum Swizzle or a Dark n’ Stormy.
  • There are so many caves
  • Bermuda is a British Territory
  • Bermuda has a subtropical climate, it is located in the Atlantic (not Caribbean) Ocean.

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